Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"lucky day"

Today during English lesson
Miss Dil pass a paper which wrote all the numbers but not in the correct sequence
The numbers was covered up
She wants us to fill in our name on the line & the number beside the name will be your number for the coming presentation
engkeong, wei keong, pei ler and me sit in one row
after engkeong fill in, he pass to weikeong then peiler,
without think twice ask peiler to help me simply fill in.

everyone finished fill in
Miss Dil read the name and number out from the bottom
start from 26,25,24.... then
until 4.. Khor Eng keong
3.. Cheong Wei keong
2.. Ng Pei Ler
1.. Tan Shi Ling
very lucky lo me......=.=
maybe the first one to present will be the best le..
who knows..


To Dear Sheng Ying..
My presentation on 20th Oct
If you duwan spend $40..
come and support me~

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