Monday, December 28, 2009


i went back ssi today
today only i realize that my sec school is so rich
n very unfair.. T.T
it become so nice after i graduate
the dewan tertutup renew
the floor, stage, wall and door all upgraded
it now got air-con
is so different from the hot dewan we used to be

i saw some st.john junior practice at the dewan
it refresh lots of my secondary school memory
i miss those day after school go cs lepak all that
secondary school life is the best!

then i went to a place
an unexpected place
johor zoo really better a lots than 6 years before

the mouth is so big it was shitting when i take the pic =.=

sleeping @.@ donkey or horse ??

the feather all lost a mini wallaby is eating

deers drinking water

deer & ox snatching food

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