Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Today is not my day =(

no picture for today
Today is not my day =(

Morning miss the bus
then bought the expensive train ticket
bought it at few minutes before 9
consider as peak hour ==

then i headed for my interview at Burwood
i screwed it
i am TOTALLY out of situation

went walk around at the burwood centre
guess what
i saw the jacket i bought yesterday
exactly the same, same brand same design
due to curious i step in the shop and look at the price
oh,shouldn't use surprisingly this word
should be sadly
it makes me more down
the jacket with the price tag 20 dollar
i bought it 28
you know, it just YESTERDAY

On the way, i saw Hungry Jack down the street
plan to grab a burger before heading back
and guess what
i found out the shop under construction ='(

change my plan to have tang shui in Eastwood
again, the stall is closed today
totally speechless

summary of the day
today is not day T.T