Sunday, July 24, 2011

online shopping 2

i am happy today
cleaner come again and clean my house
i am SUPER satisfied with their cleaning last time
they cleaned common areas which include living room, kitchen also bathroom in my room!
washed everything include the wall
*actually i planned to clean myself on the day they came but they have did it for me
today they came again to clean the carpet
how nice if the cleaner would come every month


i guess i am too free and stay at home too long
i am addicted to online shopping
Jojo Outlet - Msia online store
I spent RM120

Moonbasa - Australia online store
spent more than 50dollars
all credit to the free shipping
free shipping is a great marketing idea
at first I only wanted to buy few things which cost 20 dollars
but the shipping fee cost 19.70 dollar
and i noticed that spend 77dollar and above get free shipping
so i ajak people to buy thing also
and in the end i bought more things and promote their website at the same time


i found this website
is like online auction
things inside sold at super duper low price
Super Thin Acer Aspire 15.6" Notebook sold at 35.86AUD
plus with shipping fee 20AUD
so people paid 55.86AUD and get a notebook which cost 1200AUD

you may wonder how the store manage to earn money
they charge all the bider by the number of bids they placed
one bid = 0.67AUD
and bids have to bought in advanced
bid once the price of the product would increase 0.01AUD
so which mean that 3586bids had been placed for the notebook
and the store could earn 2403dollar + 55.86AUD

of course if you had successfully win the bid, you still save lot of money
but problem is how lucky you are
**the owner of the notebook had placed 586bids to get the notebook

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