Thursday, August 18, 2011


My Interview experience
Date: Thursday, 18th of August
Time: 1.25pm – 1.50pm
Venue: Sports & Family Physio

It surprise me when i step in the Clinics as all the staffs(include doctor maybe) there know my name.
They greet me with my name.
By the time I enter the clinic, only I found out that the doctor is Korean people.
Ok, back to the topic. They were looking someone to be part time receptionist.
Jobs include registration, translation between doctor and patients and reference letter.

Interview started with some questions about my background and some usual asked questions
eg, why should we hire you?
It goes well
then it continue with testing my ability to translate
I think I pass the part that translate between English and Chinese and Cantonese to English
(have to credit to TVB drama)
but Fail in the part translate English to Cantonese.
The last part is testing the Writing ability.
I was given a letter with spelling and grammar mistakes and asked to correct it.
I don't think i did it well as I don't have confidence towards my grammar.
I always have grammar mistakes and spelling error in my essay.


tadaaaaaaaa.. <3

guess how much?
Hint : Below $10.

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