Monday, April 2, 2012

i am not me

i knew it has been a long time since i update

i have moved
i am currently stay in a twins room in a nice bungalow.
i have a nice and friendly landlord who let us to tag along every weekend for outing.

I have pick up my hobby, drawing again after so long
i just like it cause it able to peace off my mind
i always do it when i have a tight and busy timetable
just to let myself relax

There have been a lot of unfavorable things that keep happens around me
and yea it still happens
i just don't like it
actually i hate it
i felt that i have changed, a lot
changed to someone that i not familiar with anymore
i do not know what i want and what i am after
i just know what i don't want

i am just not in mood for every single thing
don't ask me whats wrong
as i am still trying to figure out

people are still selfish after all

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