Friday, July 20, 2012


I got all the photosssssssss..
start to spam here

= First Day =

Went to a park that I doesn't know the name

in the green house

♥ this photo, got the feel 

Then heading to China Town

Lunch at Taiwan Cafe - Ma Po Toufu

With Soo and his family

Queen Victoria Market afterwards

Victoria Habour for Firework

There is a baseball competition held in the stadium behind.

= Day 2 =

Lunch at Sharaski

headed to Il Dolce Freddo for durian ice cream
but the shop close for rennovation =(

Melbourne Uni

Does this look this news reporter?

= Day 3 =

Spot the shop with my name

photos taking non-stop on the way to Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach, the wind is very strong

Take n photos in front of this house.....
title with forever 21

Looks like stewards

Dessert at Patterns Cafe

Follow by Dinner at Notturno
Then Cake for Dessert with Lerroy

Flight delayed and I met them again during boarding

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