Tuesday, July 21, 2009

long weekdays

i went to Utar last Friday
what i could say
the ''university''
for those who went there before will know what i mean

date : 18th July 2009
venue : sg wang

i went there with dear
i met my exclassmate
Bryan Yeoh
he loved st.john lotss
he was wearing st.john shirt

i saw a nice long skirt
hawaii type de
i go and try
sad case
i was too short
it looks so funny

i saw a nice shoes
same as roomate
different colour
i try the shoes
i wore it
not suitable for me
leg too small
the shoes in the Voir.

i went to a computer shops
bought a oxford dictionary dvd installer
who want to have install
can borrow from me

i went into shoesobsession
i want to buy shoes
then i saw one brown shoes
colour very special
then material is so soft
actually the shoes not so nice
but i love the material
bought it

i went pavilion
cinema full of people
watch movie
Ice Age 3
nice movie with moral value

date: 19 July 2009
venue: time square & pavilion

i went into the shop
saw this shoes
so nice
price also nice

white adidas shoes

i saw another dress
very very nice
i love it
but cant try
i was in dilemma
wondering should i buy o not
in the end
i still buy it
hope i wont regret

i saw a nike kid shoes
so cute

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