Sunday, August 2, 2009


this weekends i back to my home
is tiring
super duper tired

i tumpang my friend car back
the whole journey is only 3 hours
if take bus need 4.5hours

reached home around six
after having my dinner
the first thing is
send my stupid handphone to repair
the poor handphone still in 'hospital'
i not used with the handphone i using now which suppose belong to my mum
i miss my handphone

after that i went to jusco with family
coz my sister want to watch movie
she had a free movie ticket
the Tgv cinema is crowded i think
after a long queue
only realise that the show they want to watch available for the next day
and the most important thing is
my sister had the free movie ticket which belong to the Golden Screen not Tgv Cinema.
funny =)

we was shopping in jusco
my mum bought me a Single Bed Sheet Set
the bed sheet got bit expensive
even though after 70% discount
The photo show at the cover there was so nice
but the real bed sheet not as nice as the photo
but the thing i admit that is the quality is really good!
was wanted to capture the photo of bed sheet
but my hp.. haiyyyyy

the second day
i went to tesco with mummy..sister and aunty
shopping again
i saw a long mirror only cost 19.90
i want it!
but poor girl
i need to take bus back to inti
so just forget about it

at night actually i want to do my assigment de
but lazyyyy

third day
before go back to inti
i went to permas jaya & had breakfast at there
i met my friend
it was so qiao

4.30 reached inti
almost 5 hours de journey
i haven do my mpw assigment

to all my friends~
sorry for not inform that i was in jb
cause it was too rush

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