Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman) has spent her life in pursuit of superficial perfection, but a loveless and childless marriage has left her bereft of anything meaningful beyond her stable of horses. Desperate for cash, Sarah’s husband has spent the past year Down Under, preparing to sell their last remaining asset; a cattle station the size of Maryland, called ‘Faraway Downs’. Convinced that her husband is cheating on her, the headstrong Sarah travels all alone by flying boat from London to the remote tropical outpost of Darwin, northern Australia, to take matters into her own hands.

Lady Sarah is a charming and beautiful woman. She has blond curly hairs and blue eyes. She is arrogant when she reaches Australia as she used to live in luxury because she is an aristocrat. She wears glasses, a hat with a net around it, gloves, and everything else that makes her overdressed for the heat and outback when she travels with Drover to the Faraway Downs. One of Nullah's first remarks, that the Englishwoman newly arrived at the remote Northern Territory ranch of Faraway Downs is "the strangest woman I'd ever seen," gets a laugh, as the sight of the prim, uptight and discomfited Lady Sarah Ashley definitely looks comically absurd. She is not used to the environment in Australia when she just arrived. The Drover gets into a fight in a pub on the way to meet Lady Ashley from her plane in Darwin. Somehow, her prim set of luggage is swept up into the maelstrom of fists, until a man's head is punched through one suitcase. Her flimsy underwear flies into the air, lacy pants and slips and corsets white against the deep blue sky, she is paralysed with anger and embarrassment.

Lady Sarah is a strong determined person. Sarah, finding her husband murdered, determines to hold on to Faraway Downs, which she can only do by driving 1,500 head of cattle to the Darwin port, where the Australian military will purchase them. In order to manage the Faraway Downs well, she seeks for Drover’s help and try her best to learn how to ride a horse. She even drove the cattle all by herself to the wharf. She did not give up easily when she faces difficulties. First, Carney’s men set fires to make the cattle stampede when Sarah delivers the cattle to Darwin. She and the other riders try to stop the cattle from charging over the cliff. They successfully save all the cattle with the assist by Nullah. Second, Carney’s men also poison the water sources along the cattle-drive route, so the riders and cattle are short of water to drink. Drover nearly gives up as he knew that the next water source need to travel 5 days to reach but Sarah insists to try. With the assist by King George, they manage to drive the cattle through the Never Never desert which is very dangerous. In the end, they successfully deliver the cattle to Darwin and finish their task. Her determination is acknowledged by all people including the barman. He serves Sarah a drink even though lady is not allowed in his bar.

Besides, Sarah is a stubborn woman. The Drover told her not to get out from the truck but she disobeys his instruction even though she not familiar with the location. She likes to make decision for other without their consent. In Nullah’s tradition, he needs to walkabout in order to become a real man. Sarah forbids Nullah to do so. Despite of this, she also rejects an army droving job for Drover without asking his opinion. Drover was fed up with her decision and ended up with quarrel.

Other than that, Sarah is a brave woman. She travels alone to Australia to find her husband although the journey is long and dangerous. On top of that, her braveness is shown when Fletcher hits Nullah and his mother, Bandy. She run towards Fletcher and smacks him with a riding crop and fires him on the spot.

Lastly, Sarah has maternal instinct inside of her. When Nullah’s mother passes away, Sarah tries her best to comfort him. She starts to look after Nullah as her own son although he is a half-cast who is not accepted by the society. She wants Nullah wears in proper attire and gets a good education but Nullah wants to follow his grandfather footsteps. At first Sarah strongly objects but in the end she understands that is the culture and is what he must be done. Nullah is then captured by the authorities and sent to live on Mission Island with the rest of the half-caste children. Nullah is been forced to go to the island. Sarah promised him that she will go and bring him back as soon as possible. She begins working as a radio operator in Darwin during the escalation of World War 2 to rescue Nullah. She also prepares to sell Faraway Downs to Fletcher, believing that it will aid her in gaining Nullah back. In shorts, she tries her best to look after Nullah, fight for his right and fulfill the promise between them.

In the end of the movie, Sarah changes from an arrogant and stubborn woman to a caring and protective woman after suffering all the hardships. Besides that, she also allows Nullah go to his grandfather for walkabout. Sarah decides to stay in Faraway Downs with Drover instead of going back to her hometown, England…..

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