Wednesday, September 8, 2010


--- Melaka Trip 28 & 29 August ---

Trip start... 2 Avanza + 1 Honda

Look at the game-boy, this is the one we were playing we were small.

1st stop : Sama-sama Guest-house
The guest-house we were supposed to stay.
They were playing pool happily in the guest-house while I was settling the accommodation with the owner.

2nd stop : Guest-house (name forgotten)
Due to some communication problem between the owner and the staff in the sama-sama guest-house, they can't provide us the room as what they promised. So, we change to another guest-house.
Here is the place we stayed. There is only 1 dorm with 8 beds and 3 double bed rooms.
We were the first customers of the guest-house and we booked the whole guest-house. It is very clean, everything is new as the guest-house is just open. We were given a discounted rate at RM15 per bed in dorm and RM40 per double bed room. Original price was RM18 and RM50.

(back view)

3rd stop : Zhong Hwa Cha Chan Shi
Lunch with the famous chicken rice

Queueing outside the restaurant

Opposite to the restaurant is the 'san shu gong'. The melaka gula cendol and durian cendol over there is expensive and not nice.

4rd stop : Dataran Pahlawan & Mahkota Parade

the bridge behind the pahlawan

The cheese cake somewhere around there is nice but don't have the chance to taste it due to time constraint.

Jonker 88- cendol + laksa

Back to guest-house for rest and bath.. playing poker while waiting for the turn.

Still got lots of Junk food. Don't snatch.

5th stop : Nyonya Food + Jonker Street

After back from Jonker Street...

Poker again.. Big winner, Karee, she won around 200 that night.

Second day, everybody woke up late as I told them we only departure to A Famosa after lunch.
We were gather at the living room.

Playing Killer at downstairs when waiting for the cars. If not mistaken, Ken was the killer and he was trying to defend.

6th stop : A Famosa
The information available in the A Famosa website is not reliable. Due to some incidents we did not manage to visit the Animal Safari. Got bit disappointed. ( I didn't mean to blame anyone)

Since we were not able to enter the zoo, so we were planning to have fun at another place in A Famosa. There have mini go-cart, paintball... All are expensive and genting is cheaper. Thus, final decision- play killer again over there when waiting for the 3D show starts.

After that we headed for the 3D show.

3D show- The Hunted House

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  1. guys are having fun it seems :-) okay enjoy the break!