Thursday, December 9, 2010

hi people, don't scold me k
i am just too lazy to update my blog
currently i am waiting for my result
so now i am super duper free n roting at home
just i have a part time job with me for every friday n saturday till next next week

went to pc fair few days ago and bought a new lappie ^^
still not used to the new keyboard. it is much more bigger compare to the old one
btw i think pc fair is another place where you can meet your 'old friends'

i just have hair cut again..
i don't like i don't like... arghhhhhhh
got bit regret i went n cut short
it looks like more mafan to tidy it =(

= my ballet suit when i still small =

one more things, any advice before i go aus?
(something like what should buy before go over there or anything)

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