Friday, February 11, 2011

very lazy to type
let the pictures tell the story =)

airplane 1st meal

main meal.. inside got lots of onion =(

airplane breakfast.
*airplane meal not nice at all =((

here come my apartment
inside got two single room with one twin room
i stay in twin room with an Indonesia girl
My roommate haven move in so i dunno how she looks like.

original position of my room
then i move it become like this

room (mirror effect)


dont get cheated by the picture
the floor of the bathroom is full with hairs!
living room with balcony

dining hall


again don't believe the picture.
the kitchen is actually very dirty.
floor full of stain.

HAHA here come my first home cook meal =)

2nd meal =)

p/s: the vege here is super expensive. eg.tomato 4 for 6dollar. ='((

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