Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i am back
don't scold me please
i want to update it everyday but then my stupid lappie
once i online then the virus keep pop out
i online search some way to clean the virus
need 8 steps to clean it
and need downlaod lots of unknown application
2 days gone.. i stuck at step 5
arghhhhh.. stupid lappie.. i run the application for 1 day
never done and make my lappie lag
i give up ady
i swear i will go and fix it once i back to inti

still remeber i said that i want to find part time job
i found a job at this weekend
drink sampling at econsave desa cemerlang
i went there once but not so like the place
got lots of foreigners ( not angmo is bangladesh all that)

me : mummy ar, this weekend i will go work. fetch me ar..
mummy : this weekend ar.. i told you want bring you go spore le. you duwan go ar?
me : ???? since when you tell me you want bring me go spore?
mummy : i din tell you ar.?
me : never...
then wu yu
anyway, forget about it..

time flies
my hoildays gonna to end soon =(

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