Thursday, September 1, 2011

I am busy

i knew it has been a long time since the last update
i have been busy over the last few weeks

The AUG event was held on the past past Thursday
**i knew it was long long long time ago
Yeah! Over 300 people has come for the education and migration expo

Dinner at some Asian Restaurant. Name forgotten.

Oh yea, there is a lucky draw for volunteer.
Prize were ipod dock and ipod shuffle if not mistaken
In order to be fair, the winner would be choose by 3 different people.
The first person would choose the second person by drawing the name from box
so the second person would draw the 3rd lucky person who would win the prize.
Definitely you would not want your name to come out in the first 2.

For ipod shuffle, it goes by 5 people.
Unluckily, I am the 3rd person. sob.
Anyway i don't need a ipod either.

This is the Gift Card I get from AUG for the Loyal Awards. =)
IF you want to shop at MYER, COLES, TARGET, DICK n SMITH, etc.
please do a kind job. Buy the gift card from me so i can convert it to cash.


Vegetarian food in the Food Court of Macquarie University
2dishes with steam rice at $9.00
Taste not bad just the fake meat taste awful.


another gift card i received this week
from the value opinion
Participate the survey and once you credit over $20
You could convert it to the gift card


guys, still remember the interview experience that I had?
I get chosen and start the training this week =)
I am now working as a part-time receptionist at Chatswood Sports and Family Physio

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