Saturday, September 15, 2012

Beginning of the Semester Break!

Semester Break Starts...

Went city for shopping and i got myself these:

Crenzh Vintage Stamp Collections Vol. 2
It contains 7321 different design of stamp stickers inside
so cool right
love it to the maxx. 
Also, peiler and me got ourself this 2 books
《雨过一定会天晴》 &  《哭过就好,事情哪有那么严重》
this book is meaningful
and more importantly, it is colourful and interesting

Then night time, We went Andrew house for dinner 
and he got this in his house
mini gumball machine?
dunnoo whats the name
anyway, this thing is so interesting 
it is really not easy to grab the sweets and then take out
   need have to some lucks
Feel bit bad, cause we were gathered in the living room 
and left Andrew himself preparing the dinner. 
anyway, thank you for preparing the dinner and dessert =)

 my new specs. nice?
my yeobo says i looks like Juanita with this spec

Tomorrow is Monday. Hope that I am shortlisted.

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